EVERETT — Thousands of trees are coming to urban areas in western Snohomish County.

Federal grants are giving the Snohomish Conservation District and the city of Lynnwood a total of $3.7 million for separate urban forestry projects. That means more trees in Everett, Marysville, south Lynnwood and the Tulalip Reservation.

Research suggests urban trees can counteract the “urban heat island” effect, improve mental health and generally improve the environment. They can also divert stormwater and help with erosion as their roots hold soil together and take in water.

The new trees are going to areas with little canopy cover. “We’re doing 100% underrepresented communities,” said Linda Lyshall, the executive director of the Snohomish Conservation District. “We really wanted to address that tree equity concern, where you have urban areas where there’s just no greenery.”

Source: Millions of dollars for ‘tree equity’ head to Snohomish County | HeraldNet.com