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Answers to Common Questions


What is the President's term of office?
The WACD President and Vice President are elected to two-year terms with a two-term limit.
Who is on the Executive Committee?
The WACD Executive Committee consists of the WACD President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, National Director, and Past President.


Can I install the Hub on my computer?
If you are using Chrome or a Chrome-based browser, it is easy to install the Hub website as an app on your laptop or desktop computer.

When a website is installable, Chrome and Chrome-based browsers have a plus sign or a down arrow in the URL field. Look to the right side of your browser window to locate it.

Click the plus sign to install the Hub on your computer.

Can I install the Hub as an app on my smartphone?
Yes! Here’s how to install and uninstall the Hub as an app on an Android smart phone or tablet.

Browse to the Hub website

First, browse to

Next, install the app

  1. Tap the three dots in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  2. Select Install app (the wording may vary depending on which version of Android is installed).
  3. A popup will appear that prompts you to install so click Install.

Finally, add it to your Home screen

  1. You may need to find it. On some phones you can swipe up from your home screen to reach the list of installed apps. The Hub will be shown as WACD Hub.
  2. Hold down that icon and select Add to home screen.
  3. You’re done! Now you’ll have a more seamless experience with the Hub when viewing it on your smartphone!

When you open the app

When you have completed all these steps and open the app, you’ll see a splash screen and then it will transition to the Hub’s home page.

The menu is still there!

Many people won’t immediately find the main menu. It’s still there! On the home page, notice the three horizontal lines along the left margin. That icon is called a hamburger because of the three layers: bun, filling, bun. Tap the hamburger to reach the menu.

Uninstalling the app

When you choose to uninstall the app, it’s easy to do: just hold down the Hub icon and choose Uninstall.

We aren’t tracking you

There is no secret code associated with our app that tracks your phone. We do assemble data on basic website usage tracking that is enabled for all visitors, both mobile and desktop, through Matomo Analytics, a privacy-oriented web analytics service. Read our privacy policy.

What is a Progressive Web App?

We use a PWA service to provide a user experience on a smart phone or tablet that makes our website look like a native app. Our choice for this service is SuperPWA. Read more about PWAs.

What have you done for accessibility?


We checked our website for appropriate color contrast at and based on those results, adjusted one element to increase contrast.

Alt image descriptions

We are using the Alt Images plugin to help make sure that our images have alt names. We continue to work through the many images on the site to make sure they have appropriate names/descriptions.


We installed the One Click Accessibility plugin to help folks access our content. Finally, we ran the site URL through several online accessibility checkers, all of which found some items for us to improve.

About this website

Runs on WordPress

This website runs on WordPress at the same web hosting service as our public-facing website:

Public records

Unless explicitly exempted from disclosure, all posts, pages, and documents provided on this website are considered public records disclosable upon proper request. The process for requesting public records is explained on our public-facing website at:

Comments disabled

The ability to comment on posts and pages is generally disabled throughout this website.

Errors or inaccuracies?

We would greatly appreciate being notified of any errors or inaccuracies in the content we provide. Please contact us with your suggestions.

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