Five things to know about the PMC for June 30, 2021 


Jacquie has our sales software set up for the new fiscal year and is entering orders. We should have a comparison about how we are doing compared to last year by next week.

Heat Wave

The PMC was able to keep up with irrigation through an unprecedented hot spell. The crew was sent home early Monday when the temperature exceeded 90 to reduce the risk of heat stress. The temperature started to come down on Tuesday.

Fiscal Year 2020-21 Over

The past year has been challenging and one we would prefer not to repeat. It appears that the pandemic is waning and hopefully it stays that way. In spite of all the difficulties, the year ended as the best ever in terms of sales. The June financial reports should be completed soon and we can see how the year was overall.

New Fiscal Year

Fiscal year 2021-22 is upon us. A few of the things to look forward to includes no pandemic, increased sales and production with minimal equipment problems, labor shortages, no IRS issues to deal with, and a harvest season that runs more smoothly than ever before. With luck, two or three of these can be achieved!


The seed collection season is picking up. Red Elderberry and Osoberry are in the bag and Serviceberry and Golden Currant are currently (no pun intended) being collected and processed. Baldhip Rose and Red Flowering Currant are currently (pun intended) on deck.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Jim Brown, WACD PMC Nursery Manager