Priority levels: Priority 1 is an issue that needs WACD’s immediate attention/action, or it is an item we know we can accomplish in a year. Priority 2 is less urgent or less accomplishable. Priority 3 items are those that can be address if/when they arise in the course of regular business.

R 2023-01Improved Cost Share for virtual fence developmentDownload 2023 ResolutionsFoster Creek CDNEW32024WADE training on virtual fencing.
Discuss with STAC.
R 2023-02WACD supports of the use of food-grade biochar as an additive to livestock feed to reduce methane production and greenhouse gas emissions and to improve soil and animal healthDownload 2023 ResolutionsSan Juan Islands CDNEW32024Work with lobbyist to find partners and a bill sponsor for 2025.
R 2023-03Reducing and Recycling Plastics in Agriculture and Natural ResourcesDownload 2023 ResolutionsThurston CDNEW32024Research a speaker for next year's conference.
R 2023-04Agricultural, forest, and rangeland mitigationDownload 2023 ResolutionsNorth Yakima CDNEW22024Convene partners.
Review GMA and existing protections.
Develop mitigation language using CA as example.
Work with lobbyist to find partners and bill sponsor for 2025.
R 2023-05Renewable Energy Position StatementDownload 2023 ResolutionsNorth Yakima CDNEW12024Work with President to create a task force.
R 2023-06Interest-free conservation agriculture equipment loan programDownload 2023 ResolutionsPalouse CDNEW22024National Director submitted resolution to NACD.
R 2023-07Carbon Conservation Stewardship ProgramDownload 2023 ResolutionsPalouse CDNEW22024National Director submitted resolution to NACD.
R 2023-08Opposition to Removal or Breaching of the Four Lower Snake River Dams Download 2023 ResolutionsFranklin CDNEW32024Current proposals for removal have been tabled, hold until status changes.
R 2023-09Solar and Wind Project Coordination with Local Authorities Download 2023 ResolutionsNorth Central Area AssociationNEW22024Discuss with lobbyist.
Potential to engage partners in developing letter to Governor and EFSEC.
R 2023-10Improving Natural Resource Agency Management Plan Funding and ImplementationDownload 2023 ResolutionsPacific CDNEW12024Continue coversations with partners.
Potential to provide letters of support to state entities.
R 2023-11Creation of PMC Task ForceDownload 2023 ResolutionsGrays Harbor CDNEW12024Work with President to create a task force.
R 2023-12SCC SRF funding including planning and design fundingDownload 2023 ResolutionsPacific CDNEW12024Talk to SCC Finance Manager.
R 2023-13Cluster ArchaeologistDownload 2023 ResolutionsThurston & North Central Area AssnNEW12024Talk with RM Coordinator.
R 2023-14Communication about Fuel Breaks in CRPDownload 2023 ResolutionsWalla Walla County CDNEW22024
R 2023-15Encouraging NRCS Field Office Staff Attendance at WACD MeetingsDownload 2023 ResolutionsOkanogan CDNEW12024Continue coordinating with NRCS leadership.
R 2023-16Support Supplemental Funding to Conservation CommissionDownload 2023 ResolutionsOkanogan CDNEW12024Coordinate with WSCC and lobbyist.
R 2023-17Support SCC supplemental budget requests Download 2023 ResolutionsPalouse CDNEW12024Coordinate with WSCC and lobbyist.
R 2023-18Affirming and Empowering Locally Led Voluntary ConservationDownload 2023 ResolutionsCentral Klickitat CDNEW22024Communicate with SCC about the importance of our community culture. How SCC has operated historically, and the changes/challenges we are noticing as the SCC grows.
R 2023-19Fire Response through creation of Rangeland Fire Protection AssociationsDownload 2023 ResolutionsFoster Creek CDNEW32024Talk with lobbyist about finding partners and bill sponsor for next session.
R 2023-20Addressing VSP Management IssuesDownload 2023 ResolutionsOkanogan CDNEW12024Talk with SCC Finance Director and SCC staff.
R 2023-21WACD, SCC, CD’s Spring/Summer Legislative WorkshopsDownload 2023 ResolutionsPacific CDNEW12024Coordinate with RM Coordinator and get meetings booked.
R 2023-22Canceling of Farm Service Agency ContractsDownload 2023 ResolutionsWhitman CDNEW12024National Director submitted resolution to NACD.
Follow up with National Director on NACD & FSA conversations.
R 2023-23Gaining CD Eligibility for RCO Land Acquisition Grants Download 2023 ResolutionsEastern Klickitat CDNEW12024Review WWRP eligibility language and associated enabling legislation.
Discuss potential changes with lobbyist.
R 2023-24Washington State Coastal Marine Resources Committees Administration Change Download 2023 ResolutionsPacific CDNEW22024Discuss with lobbyist.
R 2023-25CREP Contract Communication and Payment Inconsistency Download 2023 ResolutionsColumbia CDNEW12024National Director submitted resolution to NACD.
Follow up with National Director on NACD & FSA conversations.
R 2023-26Conservation District and WA Dept. Ecology Alignment of Roles and Responsibilities Download 2023 ResolutionsMason, Stevens County, & Livestock CommitteeNEW22024Talk with Brook Beeler about a meeting with SCC and ECY WQ leadership.
R 2023-27Salmon Riparian Funding moved to SCC Download 2023 ResolutionsPacific CDNEW32024Monitor in next legislative session.
R 2023-28Dropping population criteria and removing per parcel maximum annual rate under RCW 89.08.405(3)(a)Download 2023 ResolutionsPierce CDNEW12024Coordinate with lobbyist and sponsoring district.