Welcome to the WACD Hub 2024

WACD has made numerous changes to the WACD Hub website to benefit members and partners.

Note: if you pointed your browser at https://hub.wadistricts.org and ended up here at https://wadistricts.us, that is exactly what should have happened. We are retiring the hub.wadistricts.org instance and using this wadistricts.us instance instead.

New host and domain

To reduce downtime and improve speed, we moved the Hub to a new hosting service. To make this move easier, we also purchased a new domain in the “wadistricts” family: wadistricts.us. Compared to many other domain extensions, the .us domain is inexpensive. While .us stands for United States, we might be just as comfortable thinking of it as US, as in all of us.

Colors updated

Gone is the dominant sienna brown color scheme. Blues and greens are now the preferred theme colors, with sienna brown reserved for highlights and notices.

Hub homepage simplified

After analyzing usage of various parts of the Hub homepage, we eliminated an entire three-column block of content. This helps position the most important information “above the fold” for you and makes the homepage faster. We have moved the “conservation districts in the news” category to the homepage.

Menu bar simplified and rearranged

One of the more confusing parts of the Hub was the Topics menu choice in the main menu bar. While you won’t see that in the revised Hub menu, all of those topic categories still exist. You’ll see the topics in the line of breadcrumbs above the post, and when you are viewing a post, you’ll find a topics pulldown menu in the right column. This is provided for those who wish to drill down on a particular topic.

Top bar announcement space

We have added an announcement space at the very top of the page. This will be reserved for the most urgent and important notifications, and we’ll make it stand out with a contrasting color so you won’t miss it.

More to do

It will take us some time to restructure the hundreds of downloads available on the Hub. We’ve made good progress but now we’re deep into the details.

We are also working on new content, including a table of resolutions covering the past five years and a table of legislation being watched for the 2024 legislative session.

Thank you for the gift of your suggestions!

Please send us your comments and ideas.