Driving additional income from your land through carbon projects

Forest carbon offsetting is the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere using forestland to compensate for emissions made elsewhere. Demand for carbon offsets is at an all-time high, but there’s little supply of landowners who are aware of the benefits. Businesses across the country need to offset their emissions and as a large landowner with 100+ acres you can be well paid (as much as $100-200 per acre per year) for carbon sequestered on your land using simple Improved Forest Management (IFM) methods.

Cost is no longer a barrier to entry. There are now many funding avenues available that require no cost to the landowner. EQIP’s Forest Stand Improvement code can grant a portion of the funds for IFM, as can many project developers. See how much additional income you could generate by sending a quick email to or by filling out this short form. We’ll then work with your conservation district manager to assess the carbon potential of your land.