The Washington Association of Conservation Districts is in the process of developing an annual work plan for the period from July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023.

Your feedback is desired

WACD is asking for your feedback on the draft 2022-2023 work plan before the WACD Board of Directors votes on it at the June 20th Board meeting. This work plan will guide the day-to-day work of WACD’s Executive Office staff as they work to support the efforts of the Association and assist the membership.

To ensure that what the WACD Board hears is objective and unbiased, WACD has employed a consultant to gather feedback from WACD members. Consultant Joshua Monaghan will review and collate comments on the draft work plan (attached below) through an online survey. We ask that comments be received by June 13th.

A core principle of WACD is to be transparent and accountable to members. It is important that members understand what WACD staff is doing. Even if you don’t wish to offer feedback, please do take a look at the draft plan to see where your Association’s staff plans to dedicate time and energy.

Download the draft plan

Download the [Download not found] for review.

Participate in the survey

You can participate in the survey at

Open forum June 1st for verbal comments

Additionally, WACD will hold an open forum on Wednesday, June 1st via Zoom for those who prefer to make their comments orally rather than in writing:


If you have any questions, please contact Tom Salzer.