Plant Materials Center update: March 24, 2022

Here are 5 things that you should know about the PMC for March 24, 2022:


Sales remain about 30% above where they were this time last year. The PMC has booked $1,507,003 in sales so far this year. That compares favorably to this time last year when sales were $1,049,278. Many species have been sold out for the season but there are still plenty of fine conservation plants available so please contact us if there is anything you need. It will soon be April and the pace of new orders will start to decline. Total sales will continue to increase but at a slower pace. It has been a surprising sales year to say the least. It is anyone’s guess what next year will bring. In case it is another banner year it is advised to order early and order often.

20220324 Osoberry A


Lori has completed the February financial reports. Revenues for the year to date are up as expected since sales are up, and expenses are also up as one would predict since production is up. The total amount of PMC revenue received as of February 28 was $834,870. That is a 30% increase from February 28 last year when revenue was $583,897.

Expenses year to date are $844,238 which are 17% higher than the same time last year when they were $721,161. Some of the increased expense categories were Seasonal Labor which saw a 5.5% increase in minimum wage. Brokered Stock is up which is more than offset by an increase in revenue. Bank / Credit Card charges which are the fees associated with customers paying with a credit card are up as well but accepting credit card payment has expedited paying which streamlines invoicing. There are a few other smaller increases but it is the cost of doing and increasing business.


20220324 Osoberry B
Osoberry (planted)

The PMC has been dealing with a labor shortage since the first of the month. That has slowed harvest to the point where it is still ongoing. A few new employees have been hired which has helped but the number of plants processed per day has not returned to normal. Over 1.83 million plants have been harvested and 1.9 million plants have been sold so it is getting close.


Shipping continues at a record setting pace. Over 1.275 million plants have been shipped so far this year and that does not include a semi-truck load that went to Spokane on Monday. Anyone wanting to receive plants are advised to give the PMC 2 weeks advanced notice to allow sufficient time to get it in the que to be pulled and readied for shipping or pickup. The PMC will keep its cooler on until early May and will continue shipping pick ups until then. It is advised however that the plants should be planted sooner so that they can start becoming established before the weather gets warm and dry.

20220324 Red Flowering Currant
Red Flowering Currant

Upcoming: SPRING!

Does anything more need to be said about that? It has been a long cold wet winter (Thanks La Nina) and the signs of longer days, warmer temperatures and new growth are most welcome indeed. Once harvest is done there will be some field cleanup to do, followed by transplanting the plugs for plug-1’s for next year. In May the spring seed planting happens as well. Along the way the fall seedbeds will germinate and begin to grow and the 2-year-old stock will start producing new growth. Happy Spring Everyone!




I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Jim Brown