Resources for understanding and participating in the legislative process

Guidance from WACD’s lobbyist

Review last year’s guidance from WACD lobbyist Brynn Brady in her PowerPoint presentation:

The Legislature’s one-page guide

The Washington State Legislature publishes a one-page guide titled A Citizen’s Guide to Effective Legislative Participation. This guide covers:

  • Know how the process works
  • Make yourself the expert
  • Get to know your legislators
  • Get to know legislative staff
  • Network with other citizens
  • Key points to remember

How does a bill become law?

How a Bill Becomes a Law explains the sequence of steps a piece of legislation goes through before becoming law. Overview of the Legislative Process provides more detailed explanations of those steps.

How to read a bill

A Guide to Reading a Legislature Measure (PDF download) guides you through the actual bill language.

How to testify in committee

How to Testify in Committee covers:

  • “Open” Legislature
  • Committee hearings
  • Before the hearing
  • Meeting virtually
  • How the meeting is conducted
  • Making your remarks
  • How to submit written testimony

Understanding the process (YouTube video series)

For a more enjoyable, video-based introduction to the various steps a piece of legislation goes through, view Mike Hoover’s Civics 101 series on YouTube. Brief videos on these topics are available:

  • Introducing Mike Hoover: Your Soon to Be Favorite Parliamentarian
  • What is the Law?
  • What is the Legislature?
  • Legislative Process: Part 1
  • Legislative Process: Part 2
  • What is a Lobbyist?
  • Welcome to the First Week: Policy Committees
  • Fiscal Committees
  • The Rules Committee

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