Plant Materials Center update: December 16, 2021


So far this year sales have been smashing all previous records. As of 12/15/21 sales stood at $1,362,610 which is ahead of a comparable time last year by $433,904 and $421,221 in 2019. Current sales exceed the year’s sales budget of $1,209,999 by $153,610 and counting. So far approximately 1,750,000 plants have been booked and that pace could exceed 2 million before it is over.

PMC Texters Abbreviation of the Week: BTW

By The Way, as in BTW did you see that current sales are ahead of last year by 32%! Wow!


The PMC has harvested 432,000 plants this season so far. A little more than 70,000 were live stakes that were harvested during the fall, and 362,000 have been harvested since bare root harvest started on December 1st. That is an average of 33,000 plants a day which is GR8 (great) since it is starting to look like it may be necessary to lift and process over 2 million plants this year. Assuming that is the case, the PMC will be 25% of the way there before Christmas which is on schedule to finish before spring.


SFSG (so far so good), everything is going as it should for this time of year. There is not much of anything out of the normal to report on. There are still 3 months left of harvest and we have full confidence that will change.

Merry Christmas

JIC (just in case) there won’t be an update next week due to Christmas the staff at the PMC wishes all a Merry Christmas (MC) and Happy Holidays (HH). The PMC will be closed on Friday the 24th for the Christmas holiday and back on Monday the 27th.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Jim Brown, WACD PMC Nursery Manager