Photo of Mary Collins
Mary Collins

Mary Collins was elected by Southeast Area Association of Conservation Districts to serve as one of their two area directors. Area directors also serve on the Washington Association of Conservation Districts Board of Directors. Mary is a supervisor with the Palouse Conservation District.

Mary writes:

I live on the Palouse farm where I was raised. I had an academic career in the Anthropology Department at WSU and enjoyed watching my cousins carry on the farming tradition. When I retired a friend asked if I would take on her position at the Palouse CD when she had to step down before the end of her term. I was interested in finding a way to learn more about and help shape the future of Whitman County. Working with the Conservation District has helped me fulfill both of these goals. I really enjoy working with my fellow Board members and engaging with some wonderful young people who are bringing good ideas and a willingness to work hard to make things better.