Douglas County shares the sunny skies, rolling hills, and vast acres of farmland that define much of Central Washington. Home to many locals with longstanding connections to the land, the county stands out as a bright example of environmental stewardship developed hand-in-hand with its community.

“People’s relationship to the landscape is strong here — for the Colville Tribe, for generations of farmers, and for communities living throughout this county,” said Becca Hebron, district manager for the Foster Creek Conservation District (FCCD).

Restoration efforts in Foster Creek have been underway since 2015, beginning in the creek’s western headwaters as a collaboration with the Colville Tribe and Ecology.

FCCD is bolstering their work with a new round of grant funding from Ecology. Scheduled for completion by 2025, the new projects help build toward FCCD’s goals to restore the watershed, monitor water quality, and improve soil health.

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