Plant Materials Center Update: February 2, 2023

Here are 5 things that you should know about the PMC for February 2, 2023:

Happy Ground Hogs Day

The most uncontrollable but impactful variable to contend with at the PMC is the weather since it conducts harvest during winter. Any advance knowledge of what the weather can be quite useful. That is why we appreciate that an oversized rodent on Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney, PA has let us know that by seeing his shadow, winter will indeed last six more weeks. Thanks to Punxsutawney and on with six more weeks of harvest!


As of 1/31/23 sales were $1,604,511. That is an increase from a comparable time last year when sales were $1,509,343. Current sales have exceeded the sales budget for the fiscal year of $1,411,300 by 14% and climbing. Seven million plants have been sold thus far and 571,292 of those have been shipped. Total sales are composed of 338 individual orders.

Harvest continues

As of 1/31/23, the PMC has harvested 1,104,490 plants this season. All in all, it appears that harvest is on track and on schedule. The two big factors that could adversely affect that are time lost due to weather or a labor shortage. Hopefully, neither will happen but that might not be entirely within our control. Time will tell.

Transplants 1.30.23
Transplants 1.30.23


All equipment and facilities are working properly. A modified arctic front passed through the area earlier in the week, freezing the ground. There were enough plants in the packing shed to continue without interruption. Rain in January has been fairly minimal, resulting in plants that are easier to lift and cleaner to process. So far so good.

What’s ahead

The PMC has (hopefully) a little more than one month of harvest left. Along the way, it has almost 3/4 million plants to harvest and over 1 million plants to pull for orders and ship. When the glorious day arrives when the last plant runs down the line in the packing shed there will be unbridled celebration. After the merriment subsides, it will be time for field cleanup and beginning preparations for transplanting. Until then it is all about finishing harvest.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions. You can find older posts about the Plant Materials Center at

Jim Brown
Director of Nursery Operations