During the Legislative session, proposals must reach specific checkmarks at certain times in order to continue along the process to becoming a law. We have now hurdled five benchmarks. In front of the Legislature now are the bills that have different versions, and need to be reconciled so identical language is adopted by both the House and the Senate before being sent to the Governor’s desk. As budget negotiations continue behind closed doors, this will constitute the bulk of legislative action (the Senate will also be confirming gubernatorial appointments) until Thursday’s scheduled Sine Die.

SB 5641( Promoting local agriculture through greenhouses) is the latest bill to die, not being approved by the House before the latest cut-off on March 4th.

Here is the list of bills on WACD’s Watch List still in play this session as of March 7th.

House Bills

  • HB 1329 (Concerning public meeting accessibility and participation). House concurred with the Senate’s amendments on March 7th, headed to the Governor’s desk.
  • HB 1799 – Concerning organic materials management. Adopted by the Senate on March 3rd, sent to the House for concurrence.
  • HB 1953 – Exempting sensitive voter information on ballot return envelopes, ballot declarations, and signature correction forms from public disclosure. Adopted by the Senate on March 2nd, headed to the Governor’s desk.
  • HB 2051 – Providing short-term disaster recovery financial assistance to agricultural producers. Adopted by the Senate on March 4th, headed to the Governor’s desk.

Senate Bills

  • SB 5860 – Concerning water policy in regions with regulated reductions in aquifer levels. Adopted by the House on March 4th, headed to the Governor’s desk.