Pierce Conservation District (PCD) has welcomed a new director, and she’s bringing with her qualities that raise up PCD to new heights of greatness. Dana Coggon is the first woman to lead the PCD, which puts Pierce County’s conservation district in leadership when it comes to women’s equality in top career positions in general.

Coggon is also active in her LGBTQ community, furthering PCD’s legacy of being open and affirming toward the people they hire including Pierce County Council member Ryan Mello, openly gay and PCD director prior to Coggon coming onboard.

Coggon brings a high level of experience and knowledge with her as well. Upon graduating from Colorado State University with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in agriculture, weed science, and pest management, she went to work at the Washington State Department of Agriculture. She has been the Kitsap County Noxious Weed Control Coordinator for the past 15 years where she took part in working with more than 4,000 private landowners for on-site management of noxious weeds – and did everything from billing and budgeting to weed pulling and spraying.

Source: A first for Pierce Conservation District