2021 WACD annual conference concludes

This year, the Washington Association of Conservation Districts structured the 2021 WACD annual conference using feedback from the 2020 conference. After the 2020 conference, we heard complaints of having to sit through online presentations all day and there was an undercurrent suggesting a desire to have more choices. We also heard complaints about all-day sessions effectively excluding some of our community members who work.

WACD responded to this feedback by structuring the 2021 conference differently. WACD broke the long days into several two-and-a-half-hour sessions to address the discomfort of long days sitting in front of a computer. These shorter sessions were held over three weeks in November, with three sessions each week: Tuesday around lunchtime, Thursday around dinnertime, and Saturday morning.

WACD will survey those who attended the 2021 annual conference to gain feedback on what worked and what could be done better. WACD has heard informal feedback from several attendees who were pleased with the quality of the content but the survey will provide quantifiable data.

2021 WACD business meeting on November 30

Before COVID-19, the WACD annual conference was held immediately prior to the annual meeting, also called the annual business meeting. Session topics and discussions often fed smoothly into action on resolutions a day or two later during the business meeting. The business meeting is the annual meeting of WACD members.

With the restrictions placed on WACD and on our member conservation districts in 2020, WACD held its first completely virtual business meeting last year. This year will be the second business meeting held under COVID restrictions. The 2021 business meeting will be held as an in-person meeting at the Hotel Murano on November 30 in Tacoma, Washington, and a virtual option will be available for our members and partners.

In-person registration for the meeting is closed but the virtual connection details will be sent to all member conservation districts and their managers.

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Learn more about the 2021 Area Association meetings, 2021 WACD Annual Conference, and 2021 WACD Annual Business Meeting by visiting https://wadistricts.us/annual/2021meetings/.