WACD welcomes Marshall Stowe to the WACD Board of Directors. Marshall serves as a board supervisor with the Wahkiakum Conservation District and was elected to the Southwest Area Director position at the 2021 annual meeting of the Southwest Area Association of Conservation Districts.

Photo of Marshall Stowe
Marshall Stowe

Marshall joined the Wahkiakum Conservation District as an appointed Supervisor, in 2018 shortly after moving to Wahkiakum County from Portland, Oregon. He is currently retired, for the most part, and is enjoying his stewardship of almost fifteen acres on Wilson Creek in Skamokawa.

Photo of Marshall StoweShortly after joining the Wahkiakum Conservation District, Marshall was asked to become a member of the Communications, Partnership, and Outreach Committee of the Washington State Conservation Commission. As a member of this Committee, he led and/or participated in the efforts to create a positioning, an “elevator pitch”, and a “Why” statement for Washington State Conservation Districts. He continues to serve on the CPO Committee to lend his knowledge and experience in Marketing to the Washington State Conservation Commission, the Washington Association of Conservation Districts, and to all the Washington State Conservation Districts.

During his professional career, Marshall worked in bank marketing for many years before launching, Martin & Stowe, a qualitative research and marketing consulting firm. After 30 years of helping large corporations, as well as non-profit organizations, develop and refine marketing strategies and new products, Marshall retired in 2020. He continues to lend his marketing expertise to various governmental and non-profit organizations.

In Marshall’s own words:

I became a Supervisor because I’m a soft touch who can’t say no. Okay, while that is true, it’s not the complete reason. When my neighbor and friend, Ed Videan, shared with me the inability of our local conservation district to recruit new members to serve, I was shocked…why would you not serve when asked if you have the time and ability? In my case, I felt I had both to offer. More importantly, my participation tied in with my belief in conservation, not only of Nature, but also History and the Arts. The current generation has an obligation to conserve the beauty, experiences, and knowledge that we have known for future generations. By joining and working on the Board of the Wahkiakum Conservation District I am doing my small part in preserving the beauty and productivity of the land and water of Wahkiakum County for the future.