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Atomic Habits

New book in my library: Atomic Habits

As I’ve noted before, I’m an inveterate reader. Cereal boxes, ingredient lists, map legends, poetry, technical manuals: I’ll read it. I’ve read drivel that filled my mind with useless garbage. I’ve read tomes that have filled me with wonder and mystery. Reading transports me into the minds of others and lets me see the world in different ways.

In my library are several books about self-improvement, leadership, and management. The newest addition is an interesting book about becoming more productive by creating new habits. Who among us couldn’t stand to be a little more productive, eh? And who finds it easy to change habits? Not me.

Authored by James Clear who writes in a very direct style, Atomic Habits guides the reader on making tiny changes to achieve remarkable results.

The listing of sections shown below may help you recognize the directness of Clear’s writing:

  1. The Fundamentals: Why Tiny Changes Make a Big Difference
  2. The 1st Law: Make it Obvious
  3. The 2nd Law: Make it Attractive
  4. The 3rd Law: Make it Easy
  5. The 4th Law: Make It Satisfying
  6. Advanced Tactics: How to Go from Being Merely Good to Being Truly Great

I’m going to tag this post as bookclub so that as more good book posts are captured, we can easily find this information. If you have favorite books that intersect with the work of conservation districts, please let me know!

Tom Salzer, WACD Executive Director