As COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations trend upwards, Washington State government agencies have adopted new requirements related to face coverings and vaccines.

The state Secretary of Health issued Order 20-03.4 requiring face coverings indoors for all individuals five years old and older regardless of vaccination status (with certain exceptions). This includes employees and visitors to your agency buildings.

The order takes effect Monday, August 23 and remains in effect until rescinded, superseded, or until the governor terminates the state of emergency. However, there are some exceptions (see the source article for more information).

Primarily remote public meetings with an optional in-person component remain the rule under Proclamation 20-28.15 (last amended January 19, 2021, which extends the prohibitions and guidance in Proclamation 20-28.14).

Source: MRSC – Face Coverings and Vaccine Requirements: Where Things Stand as of August 23, 2021