Crews are making good progress on the Andrus Fire west of Spokane. Fire officials peg the size of that fire at 232 acres, down from about 300, as they’ve updated their mapping.

Meanwhile, several smaller wildfires have broken out all over eastern Washington and northern Idaho.

One of the largest is a 60-acre fire burning in the flats near the Cataldo Mission. A variety of smaller fires are burning in clusters all over the region. Among them, the mountainous areas to the north and east of that one in Shoshone County, to the south and east in Shoshone and Benewah Counties, a small cluster of fires to the east of Sandpoint, And a variety of fires are burning in the southeastern corner of Washington and then across the border to the south of Lewiston, Idaho. The largest of those is the Joseph Canyon fire, which has charred about 7,500 acres and is 95% contained.

The largest fire burning in the region is the Batterman Fire, which has charred nearly 15-thousand acres in Douglas County near Wenatchee. It’s about 50% contained.

Source: Small Wildfires Burn All Over Inland Northwest; Fire Terms Explained | Spokane Public Radio