The Washington State Conservation Commission has completed the certification of most conservation district elections and the appointment of new conservation district supervisors. These 16 people represent new ideas and energy entering our conservation district community.

A month ago we published an Executive Corner article that included this call to action:

It’s time to return to the old days when we rolled out a welcome wagon for new people. The simplest thing that we can do is something you can easily do: pick up the phone and welcome the new person to the community. They deserve to know that they are welcome, that we want them to be successful, and that there is a support system to help them be effective.

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WACD will get these new folks added to the District Directory soon. Please join us in rolling out the welcome wagon for these 16 newly elected and appointed conservation district supervisors:

  • Adams – Branden Spencer
  • Cascadia – Kurt Hosman
  • Clallam – Lori DeLorm
  • Clark – Jerry Kolke
  • King – Brittney Bollay
  • Kitsap – Roderick Camarce
  • Mason – Andrea Miller
  • Pierce – Amy Moreno-Sillis
  • Rock Lake – Chris Crider
  • San Juan Islands – Angie Freeman-Shepard
  • South Douglas – Carolyn Kelly
  • Underwood – Rachel Suits
  • Walla Walla – Alyson Buckely
  • Walla Walla – Annie Byerley
  • Whatcom – Fred Berman
  • Whidbey Island – Jennifer Abermanis

We would be remiss to not also identify the four individuals who were appointed by their local conservation district to fill vacancies in office between May 2020 and now:

  • Central Klickitat – Will Bowdish
  • Pend Oreille – John Floyd
  • Snohomish – Marni Swart
  • Whidbey Island – David Edwards

Last but not least, we also take this opportunity to thank those who were re-elected as conservation district supervisors. Selfless service is a great way to describe the commitment and engagement of our 225 district supervisors helping to lead and govern conservation districts all across our great state!