One of the main concerns when running a webinar or virtual meeting is managing time effectively. And if that was true in the past, it’s even more important in the Zoom-dominated world so many of us are now living in.

Too often, we become so focused on fitting everything into the allotted time slot that we forget to focus on what the meeting is actually supposed to accomplish. This creates a vicious cycle of poorly led meetings, leading to more people showing up late or leaving early, which leads to… well you get it.

Remember that keeping your meetings to time is important, but discussion and participation shouldn’t be cut short in the name of managing time. That would be a little like having only a few members of your football team go to a game because the bus was too small for all of them. Sometimes you just need a different bus!

Here are some tips for managing time more effectively – and they’re just as relevant to physical meetings, too…

Source: Managing time in meetings