Salmon in the Classroom

Salmon CamThe Benton Conservation District and Franklin Conservation District are proud to sponsor “Salmon in the Classroom” in eastern Washington. Through this program, students can hatch salmon eggs at school, learn about salmon lifecycle and habitat and learn how to test water quality. The hands-on experience of raising fish helps students realize that salmon are one of the many benefits of our eastern Washington rivers. Classroom lessons on salmon anatomy and lifecycle compliment science and math, while historic and cultural lessons about salmon relate to Washington state history, social studies and geography.

Due to the ongoing changes in our education system, we will be hosting Salmon in the Classroom virtually. When you follow the links below you will find our online Salmon in the Classroom material. You will find Salmon anatomy lessons, a salmon tank live stream, and daily updates on our growing salmon. Watch them grow from egg to alevin!

Daily Salmon Updates and Instructional Videos

Live Salmon Tank Cam – Click Here

Benton CD’s web page also has links to 10 individual lessons about salmon. Link: