NACD publications

NACD publications content and subscription information is here.

  • eResource – eResource is an electronic collection of weekly news briefs sent to our members and partners every Tuesday. You can read eResource online or subscribe to receive eResource by clicking here. Archived “Did You Know?” content can be found on the eResource page.
  • The Resource – NACD’s quarterly print and electronic publication – The Resource – provides in-depth coverage of the association’s recent activities and features columns from NACD’s CEO, president, and closest partners. Click here to view the most recent issue and subscription information.
  • Forestry Notes – Forestry Notes is an electronic, monthly publication funded through a cooperative agreement between NACD and the U.S. Forest Service. Forestry Notes highlights forestry issues and district-led forestry projects of particular importance to our members. Forestry Notes Special Reports can be accessed here.
  • Conservation Clips – Conservation Clips are a weekly round-up of the latest conservation news affecting our members and partners. Clips are sent to subscribers electronically every Friday morning. To find an archived issue of Conservation Clips or to subscribe to receive this service, click here.
  • Daily Roundup – NACD’s Daily Roundup is a collection of conservation news articles relevant to our members and partners. Roundup is distributed every Mon.-Thurs. You can subscribe to this daily publication here.