Attention Conservation Planners!

Have you ever felt unqualified to have a conversation with your landowner on permit requirements for a conservation project? Do any of these questions sound familiar?

    1. Large woody debris structures are not considered to be “fill” right? It’s for the fish, so why does is it treated like earth fill to build a mini-mart?
    2. What about those beaver dam analogue structures? Do they require any permits? They are hand built without excavators, so they don’s require a permit right?
    3. What agency requires a JARPA permit? Wait, is the JARPA a permit or an application for a permit? Mythical unicorn?
    4. If NRCS is completing NEPA, the landowner is exempt from SEPA right?

If this sounds like you, plan to join us for all or a portion of a new Virtual Environmental Permitting Training. Follow four typical NRCS/CD conservation projects through the permit process. Hear directly from regulatory agency staff. Ask those questions swirling around in your head. Yes, it is still the landowner’s responsibility to obtain all required local, state, and federal permits and permissions. It is our job to let them know what permits could be needed.

Environmental Permitting on Working Lands

April 13, 14, 20, and 21, 2021 @ 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM PDT

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This four-day web training, brought to you in partnership by the CTD and NRCS, will provide participants with a wealth of information on the regulatory and permit process required to implement conservation actions on aquatic lands including streams, rivers, wetlands, floodplains, and forestlands. Participants will also gain awareness of NEPA, SEPA, Federal, State, Tribal, and local permit processes. The target audience includes Washington Conservation District, NRCS, and other agency staff involved in planning and implementing conservation actions on private and Tribal land. A basic knowledge and understanding of NRCS planning process and programs is required. With a one-time registration link, registrants can attend all four days of training or choose topics to participate in as relevant.

ALL SESSIONS WILL BE RECORDED AND AVAILABLE FOR FUTURE VIEWING. Obtain supervisor approval prior to registering. There is no cost for participation.

Questions: Contact Rachel Maggi at

Download the draft agenda: Environmental Permitting on Working Lands – DRAFT Agenda