The mission of the Natural Resource Assessment Section is to assess the effects of pesticides, nutrients and agriculture practices on natural resources and the environment and to work with agriculture to protect the states natural resources through management practices and education. The position works as the agency senior scientist to lead the Washington State Soil Health Initiative, develop and manage the state soil health program and implementation, and create soil health research strategies and metrics. The position will lead cooperative initiative partners, research and implementation teams, and lead collaborative program efforts with Washington State University (WSU), Washington State Conversation Commission (WSCC), Conservation Districts, USDA NRCS, non-governmental organizations, and agricultural commodity and grower groups, and provide reports, presentations, and summaries the WSDA Director, WSU, Commission, and the Legislature.

For more information about the Washington State Department of Agriculture, visit us at www.agr.wa.gov.


  • Provide technical science and strategic design and planning to create the Soil Health Initiative statewide and within regional and local agriculture and food system projects with partners located throughout Washington.
  • Design and promote comprehensive research and implementation strategies to deliver scientific and defensible soil health programs and conservation benefits in cropping systems and major agricultural landscapes in Washington State.
  • Create and implement comprehensive scientific, information and data management systems, and reporting systems for the Soil Health Initiative.
  • Provide lead support for the WSCC Sustainable Farms and Fields Program.
  • Designs and coordinates soil health research for the determination of the “state of the soils” baseline assessment.
  • Work with partners to identify data gaps in soil health and crop system dynamics, create and utilize research grants and diverse funding to enhance partner research.
  • Coordinate soil health research and program implementation with WSU, WSCC and other partners to establish a network of long-term research and extension demonstration sites.
  • Develop, publish and distribute outreach and education materials.
  • Designs and submit grants, research proposals, partnership grant applications and carry out grant management duties.
  • Manage and track grants, budgets, and expenditures for the Soil Health Initiative program.
  • Serve in support role to WSDA’s director office in all things related to soil health.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

First Review Period:  First review of applications will take place January 18th, 2021.

For more information, visit https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/washington/jobs/2942784/soil-health-scientist-nrs4.