Here are the top five talking points for area directors in November. Area directors are not limited to these points. This framework should help you explore how your districts are doing while advancing the needs of the Association on behalf of members.

Top two themes:

  • Register for the WACD annual conference
  • This is the time to build or renew relationships with your legislators!


Registration is now open for WACD’s 2020 statewide annual conference to be held Monday, November 30th through Wednesday, December 2nd. The conference web page will continue to evolve during November. Find it at Pricing is simple: $50 per person or $150 per conservation district. However, we need additional help in the form of sponsorships. If you secure a sponsor at any level, your conservation district’s annual conference registration fee will be waived or refunded.


To begin separating our public messaging from the information our members need, we created a members-only page at That page is protected by the password WACD1942 (signifying the year that WACD was formed). By members, we mean people in our conservation community: both districts and partners.


Annual meetings of area associations are done. All resolutions adopted by area associations are posted on the WACD Members page. You will also find resolutions to be addressed by our members on the Annual Conference page.


Now is the time to consider running for a WACD officer position. If you do not feel ready for this role, please think about how we can help you develop your leadership skills. We need leaders now and we need to help build future leaders. What WACD does for conservation districts, the Conservation Partnership, and our conservation delivery system is important. We need your help to be able to best help you.


Early in November we will better understand where we stand with local, state, and national elections. Some of your peers will be elated and some will be deflated. One of our strengths is that what we do and how we do it transcends divisive politics. Remember to do what you always do: treat each other with honor and respect. It is easier to do that when we focus our energy on conserving natural resources for the benefit of entire communities.

In December we will see what the Governor includes in his proposed budget. WACD will be calling on conservation district community members several times as we work through the 2021 legislative session. We count on you to help us make the case for you. Truth be told, we could not do it without you!

We Are With You

Thank you for your resilience and responsiveness in the face of so many challenges this year. The work you do is incredibly important. You are valued and appreciated.